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    On May 21, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    As I understand meditation is not avoiding distractions but mindfully facing them, processing them with compassion, courage, and commitment. Meditation is not chasing the shadows of pleasure and fantasies to use the word od Jason Garner "parables",but facing pain and suffering. It means not looking away or seeking distractions. It is by facing clouds of suffering compassionatelythatwe we can see the light clearly.
    Life gives many opportunities to us for mindfully working on our sufferings. It's a question of turning our face towards sufferings or turning our face away from sufferings. It is easy to turn my face away form all kinds of pain and suffering rather than facing them fairly and squarely. I have used avoidance technique instead of facing them. I have learned from my personal experience that aversion and avoidance do not work for me. I have learned to hear the music though it could be painful. By following thispath I have been able to reduce the noise of music and have been able to listen to the harmony of music. This is a shift from avoidance to embrace.
    It is not easy to make such a shift. Old habits die slowly. Recognizing what is going on in my mind and heart compassionately and non-judgmentally is the first step towards transformation. The second step is patience and perseverance. And the third step is my daily practice of mindfulness meditation.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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    On May 25, 2021 Yasemin K wrote:

    I really enjoyed reading this comment. I myself am like Neo from the Matrix dodging bullets when it comes to avoiding pain or uncomfortable feelings. I distract myself with books, movies or nonsense instead of focusing on the present. I am slowly improving on living more intentionally. My goal is to live each moment with intention and presence. As you mentioned above recognizing myself with compassion and love and non-judgement has been essential. I still find myself getting stuck there sometimes but overall have learned to be kinder to myself.

    Thank you again.

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    On May 25, 2021 Sahara wrote:

    Sir, your thoughts and reflections were so much for me. I just lost my father a week ago dur to Covid.My family and I are navigating a grievous journey.
    Thank you personally for your timely words.Yes, a time for me to make a shift : AVOIDANCE to EMBRACE.

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