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    On May 7, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    This beautiful poem written by AryaeCoopersmithreminds me of a poem I had read a long time ago. It is written in Gujarati, my mother tongue. Who came this morning to wake me up from my deep sleep? The unexpectedvoice startled me and made me realize that I have been walking on the same old path of my life. No wonder why I felt stale and tired and bored. The fresh voice coming from within me made me realize that I was caught up in the habitual nest that I myself had created for quite some time. I was listening to the same oldstory and was singing the same old song.The voice woke ne up and I am eager to listen to a new unexpected voice. I feel asense of thrilling and wonderment and curiosity to hear and see what is coming.
    A few days ago my daughter, a guest and myself were invited for a dinner at our friends house. I had been to their house three yearsago. Maya, the three years old whom I had seen as little girl was eagerly waiting for me to greet me. In the beginning she was shy. After a while she she sat beside me with her curious eyes. It was a joyful and beautiful experiencefor me. She was eager to show us her favorite jasmine plant. She gently plucked a few fragrant jasmine flowers for me.As we were leaving she offered me a necklace of different colors of beads she had made for me. This was totally unexpected. The fragrance of her gift will always stay in my heart.
    Life offers many unexpected gifts if we keep the portal of our heart open and surprisingly receive them. I keep my mind and heart open to receive unexpected gifts. They are sacred gifts and I am ready to run with the unexpected and unknown gifts coming on my way.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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