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    On Apr 30, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    I love and deeply enjoy reading the writings of ThichNhat Hanh. In this beautiful passage he conveys a profound messageof relating to what is real. In order to hear what is not said and in order to see what is not manifested requires waiting with patience, open mindedness, open heartedness and conviction that what is not heard and what is not seen is real. As Thich Naht Hanhsaysploughingtheearth,sowing the seeds, and spreading the manure are essential conditions for the blooming of the sun flower.

    The birth of a poem is like the latent seed turning into a blossoming flower. I feel my heart stirred up with deep feeling of wonder and joy before a poem is born. It is like hearing the sound and feeling the fragrance of a beloved coming from nowhere! I felt the same way when I felt a deep stirring of love in my heart when I saw my beloved for the for firsttime and I still feel the fragrance of love in my heart though she is not physically with me any more.

    What helps me see that which is waiting for the right conditions to bloom? Faith, not belief, and patience, open mindedness and open heartedness help me wait for the inner light to shine to see what is not seen by the outer light. When my inner eyes are not open I get disconnected with the flowering and blossoming of life.
    Jagdish P Dave

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    On May 3, 2021 me wrote:


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    On May 6, 2021 always wrote:

    So beautiful! So beautifully said Jagdish. Amen

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