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    On Apr 2, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    As I was reading this essay written by AkikoBusch, a song I had heard a long time ago came to my mind. The song is written in Hindi by an anonymous poet.The title of the song is Mukhadakya dekhodarpanamein? Why do you look for your face in the mirror? There are two mirrors: inner and outer. In the world we live in, I seemany people seem to be interested in showing their faces in the outer mirrorsuch asFacebook, Instagram or other popular social media. A question arises in my mind what motivates people to showtheirfaces in the outer mirror. Is that their real self? Is there a discrepancy betweenthe public self and the private self? Am I a two faced person? Do I need validation for being myself in the eyes of others? If I am contented with my face as it is then there is no need to be recognized and validated by others.

    Mindfulness awareness helps mefind my original pure face not affected by the judgemental and critical eyes of others. Sadly, we live in a world where our face is judged by the color of our skin, by the race or by the class and by religion. When I meet someone racially different from me I become mindful of what passes through my mind. Am I looking at that peron with clear eyes or colored eyes?Practicing mindfulness frees me from thefrom the judgemental and critical voices arising in my mind. Reading and implementing the teachings of mystics and words of wisdom of enlightened spiritual teachers have helped me evolve spiritually. Clear eyes liberate me from my conditionedmindand such inner clarity helps me relate to others as children of God.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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    On Apr 6, 2021 David T. Matta wrote:

    Thank you, Jagdish, for your your beautiful reply. You say, "Mindfulness awareness helps me find my original pure face not affected by the judgemental and critical eyes of others." If you allow me to add " and also from the critical eyes of myself." This would be completeinvisibility.

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    On Apr 8, 2021 jo wrote:


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