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    On Mar 29, 2021 Liz Helgesen wrote:

    With Love Not Aggression

    This piece made me feel very uncomfortable. I am uncertain the wife's actions were wise, and seemed not non-violent to me. Especially that children were in the car watching and experiencing what was being modeled. Second, calling the other driver a villain, also does not seem non-violent. We don't know what we don't know.

    Gosh, I would need to take a breath and choose my response carefully with so much and so many lives at stake. With love, always. Liz

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    On Mar 30, 2021 Fatuma Namukasa wrote:

    Liz...the wife was absolutely wise in showing a sweet she mentioned...this guy must have missed out some sweetness from childhood...definitely the lollipop was a perfect gift!!!

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    On Apr 1, 2021 Manoj Gautam wrote:

    In addition , the Kids in the back seat experienced a beautiful Life Lesson....

    Just imagine those kids , being subjected to the alternate scenarios

    * Scenario 1 - Both the parents howling, honking, knashing teeth, mouthing expletives at all ....

    ** Scenario 2 - One of the parent acting as in scenario 1 and the other trying to prove the partner wrong!!!

    *** Scenario 3 - Both the parents meekly accepting the cut off as one of the perils of driving on the roads with no constructive response to offer to the kids.

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