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    On Mar 26, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    I tend to agree with the author Robert Sapolskythat aggression will always be a part of human experience. Love also will be a part of the human experience since the biologies of strong love and strong hate are the same. The contextof aggression matters. Animals as well as humans protect their childrenfrom the cruel jaws of mean aggressors. In order to protect the innocent, aggressive behaviors have to be dealt withwithout reacting. And that's the way I interpretthe behavior of the mother narrated in this essay. Without using discretioncounter- aggressive behaviors could cause havoc. History is full of such violent behaviors whether it is like throwing nuclear bombs or poisonous gas in Japan and Vietnam. If we follow "eye for an eye" way for retaliating to the enemy then as Mahatma Gandhi said the whole world will be blind.

    My stance on aggression and violence is to respond to violence with non-violence and hate with love. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and Dalai Lama are living examples of implementing this philosophy. I have not encountered heavy duty aggressive behaviors in my life. A couple of times I had run into aggressive car drivers cutting me off on highways. I let them pass by praying for their safety and the safety of other drivers like me. There are
    aggressive drivers on roads. It does not make sense to react to them aggressively.

    I apply the wise saying of Viktor Franklwhen I encounter aggressive behaviors in my life. " Between a stimulus and a response there is gap and in that space there is freedom and power." When I encounter an aggressive behavior I pause, breathe deeply and I remain in charge of my potentially aggressive response. I
    try to empathizewith the aggressorand respond to him compassionately. Many times aggressive behaviors are symptoms of unresolved deep conflicts. If
    Icounteract with an aggressive behavior, it adds fuel to the fire. Regular practice of Mindfulness Meditation and Loving Kindness has been very helpful to me forregulating my aggressive impulsesand for creating kindness and compassion for the other person.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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