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    On Mar 5, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Reading the essay Thirsty For Wonder authored by MirabaiStarr stirred up thirst for wonder in me. I welcome such thought provoking writings and I am thankful to Mirabai for offering this gift to us. Her writing made me introspect and reflect. It is my experience and observation that we usually stay in the known zone. It is relatively a safe zone. However, there are times when I want to beyond the known zone-the unknown zone, the zone of unkowingness. This is wonderland for me where beauty unfoldsherself effortlessly, an unheardsound resounds in the heart, and the sky of the mind is clear and is filled with divine light. It is an eye kissing light, heart feelingsound.

    The sacred or the divine is always present but our eyes are closed to see it.I need to cleanse my eyes to see the unkowingness; to open my ears to hear the unheard sound; to open my hands to receive the Divine Gift and open my heart to feel the Divine Presence. I experiencesuch moments when I am fully present in the present moment with me, with someone close to me and with nature. It happens when I do not try to make it happen. It happens when I meditate; when I teach or help someone needing help. Such experiences enrich me and lift me up.
    Quiet, clear and uncloudedmind helps me to pull the veil back. The veil clouds my consciousness and creates separateness and disconnect. When the veil is pulled back, I see the light of oneness, one unifiedconsciousness. Such experiences are sacred. They deepen my thirstfor wonder. This is an inward journey. Daily practice of Mindfulness Meditation, being in the company of kindred spirits called satsanga, readinginspiring and enlighteningbooks or poems and serving people unselfishly helps me in my spiritual journey.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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    On Mar 8, 2021 aj wrote:

    I am with you says our Lord! Thank you for your reflection! I am with you...

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