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    On Feb 28, 2021 David Doane wrote:

    I am in body, I've been very conditioned and indoctrinated by family, community, and world, and every sensory experience I have is filtered through my body and my conditioning, so I do a great deal of fabricating of my every experience. To fabricate means to do or make. Such fabricating or doing is to a great extent unconscious and unintentional, but it happens. In that sense, being and doing are one and not separate. At some point I became awarethat my thinking, my judgments, expectations, assumptions, prejudices, fabrications are a big part of my experiences. They are the screen through which I experience. Awareness of that helps me cultivate looking in a way that frees. What frees is seeing, to whatever small degree I do, what is rather than seeing my thinking and fabrications.

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