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    On Feb 26, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    There is a basic difference between searching and finding. In searching we have a goal to achieve. So there is a seer and the seen, subject and object. There is duality between the subject and the object. This is a kind of doing or in the words of author Rob Burbea is "fabricating". This is our normal way of thinking and searching. What we are searching is colored by our desires and expectations and it causes elation and depletion. We are bound by this cycle which is called "samsara." Finding is discovering, something that is always "is". This is our "being" or Self The seen the world,always changes. The "seer", Self, is unchanging.
    Normally, I am a citizen of two worlds. One world is made up of changes.This world has ups and downs. This is a world of doing and having. When I am not caught up in this self-created dichotomous world, when I am "awake" and aware of this dichotomy I am a citizen of a different world. It is a world of "being". I realize the oneness of all beings. It is a unitive consciousness. We may call it a world of TRUELOVE. This is the miracle of living.
    Reaching out and helping someone who needs help, caring for others whole heartedly expecting nothing in return, not harming others, daily practice of mindfulness meditation and practicing mindfulness in everyday living helps me to be connected with "Being".This is the way of freeing myself from myself. The light ofawakening and awarenesshelps me walk in the journey of my life.
    JagdishP Dave'

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    On Mar 2, 2021 DENNIS EDWARD LUDLOW wrote:

    thank you, your description of an awakening was helpful.
    Have you read the book: LIVING TIME by, M. Nicole? Also helpful to break thru our conditioning.

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