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    On Feb 23, 2021 Sri Anastasia-Peter Maharaj wrote:

    At first blush this appears to be a very puzzling question that I would never presume to be a form of mockery. It is a fundamental question worthy of Self-enquiry. Let's begin? To answer this question we must first understand Who is the 'I' referring to. The 'I' identified with the conceptual mind and a body composed of subatomic particles? If so, how can 'I' be both the subject and the object? How can the perceiver in other words also sinultaneously claim to be the perceived without falling into the trap of duality? If we can agree that duality is an illusion because it is by it's very nature impermanent completely dependent on 'dependentarising' we have taken the first step towards Self-discovery. There is the conceptual self or small finite 'I' of consciousness always in evolution and movement (impermanent) and there is the Primordial 'I' of Pure Awareness and Emptiness that is Causeless and Changeless. We can call this Primordial 'I' the Buddha Mind, Source, God, or the One MIND. For simplicity let's stick to the term, One MIND. Can both the conceptual mind temporary 'I' be Real or is the Primordial 'I' of Eternity and Immortality Really REAL.
    As a Buddhist can we mutually agree that the impermanent is maya and false and the Real is Changeless and Causeless and Timeless?
    Is the storytelling self Real then by this definition? The storytelling 'I' arises in the sea of consciousness/samsara at so called birth only to dissolve back into the sea of consciousness/samsara at so called 'death'. Is this Wheel of Karma real then? On the level of the 'I Am', the seed of consciousness, indeed the body and conceptual mind that this 'I Am' is self-identified with appear very Real within this Matrix or virtual reality composed of conceptual mental constructs projected by a dualistic conceptual mind that perceives Reality from the perspective of subject and object, the bedrock of illusory duality.
    But what if I embody my 'I Am-ness' and 'I Am' consciousness and use it as bridge meant to be transcended in order to Know the Absolute Primordial Changeless Causeless 'I' beyond the 'I Am' of consciousness/samsara as my True Original 'I' PRIOR to the arising of 'I Am' consciousness? The Primordial 'I' Is the Buddha Mind or the One MIND! This IS the Immortal 'I' or the Buddha Self of Pure Awareness and Emptiness that Is Never-Changing.
    Which 'I' fits the Buddha's definition of maya versus Truth? The fleeting 'I' that appears to be born and die within this sea of maya/consciousness/samsara or the Primordial 'I' that Shines as the Clear Light of Void unblemished and untouched by the delusion of ignorance?
    Finally let us recall the words of the Heart Sutra: Form is Emptiness; Emptiness is Form.
    Nirvana is indivisible from samsara. The Emptiness of Pure Awareness permeates and pervades everything and nothing.
    But the formless unmanifest Emptiness Is Source or the Cosmic Womb that gives birth to the appearance of the 'I Am' and consciousness in the realm of form. But only Empty Pure Awatenessmeets the criteria of Reality or the Changeless and Immortal Primordial Buddha Mind or One MIND as the Primordial 'I'.
    To Know this Primordial 'I' as Pure Empty Awareness Is to BE a Buddha beyond the dualistic conceptual mind projection its delusion of subject ahd object as the Storytelling 'I'. In Reality there Is only the Changeless and Causeless Primordial 'I-I' and I am THAT. TAT TVAM ASI. You are THAT. We Are THAT. There Is only THAT as the Supreme Absolute, One MIND, Buddha Mind, Source, Unborn Primordial Pure Empty Awareness beyond duality of subject and object. In other words to Know the Buddha or One MIND Is the BE the Buddha and One MIND.
    IT IS So.
    So IT IS.
    So BE IT.
    So 'Ham ( I Am THAT)
    Namaste. 🙏🏽
    ~ Sri Anastasia-Peter Maharaj🕉

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