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    On Feb 20, 2021 David Doane wrote:

    There is "I" that is a story initiated by environmental conditioning and created to a great extent by me. It's what I use to interact with the world. Storytelling I sees I as separate, even though I and all creation is one. To suffer is to bear and deal with issues in life. With storytelling I seeing self as separate, it is often fearful and competitive and easily isolates and traps itself in suffering issues that occur. Learning that the essence or real me isUltimate Existence or God has resulted in much less interest in storytelling I and at times in getting very much beyond storytelling I. Why would staying aware of the storytellingI result in losing healthy emotional vitality? My healthy emotional vitality is from the essence or soul that is real me. Real me can use my healthy emotional vitality just as it can use storytelling I and not be victim to either and without losing either. Being aware that storytelling I is not real me enhances my healthy emotional vitality.

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