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    On Feb 12, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Things happen in our life. We experience ups and downs , joys and sorrows, gains and losses, sunrises and sunsets. We have a tendency to personalize them. As result like Mark Manson says we place ourselvesonto to a self-esteem roller coaster, where our self-worth bobs up and own. I know I am not perfect. There are times when I have not been successful. What helps me to go through suchexperiences is to remind myself thatI am not a failure but I have gone through a failure. The same way when things go my way I remind myself that I am not a successbut I have gone through a successful experience. This wayI do not get trapped by my ego.
    I have gone through a number of experiencesin my life that havetaught me not take ups and downs in my life personally. How I perceive what happens is my life makes a big difference. When someone praises me or puts me down, I
    do not get inflated or depleted. Many times I take their perceptions of me as their self-projections.
    Practicing discretion helps meseparate milk from water called nirakshira
    vivekain Sanskrit. As I was growing up my father taught me this wise saying. When someone throws a judgemental or acritical arrow at me, I pause, take a few deep breaths make a wise choice, separate milk from water. Life is a school for us to learnhow to live mindfully, how to go though ups and downswith equanimity and gratefully.
    JagdishP Dave'

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