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    On Feb 6, 2021 David Doane wrote:

    Hanging out in the emptiness cafe means to me hanging out in awareness that no thing exists, only formless waves of energy that constantly move, change, interplay, come together, move apart. Time disappeared and life appeared for brief periods when I've been immersed in the present which is Presence whichis Life. In such brief moments there is no time, past or future, there is only present, and it's alive. What helps me see nonduality in duality is awareness that all creation is one whole, one giant ocean, metaphorically speaking, out of which waves arise briefly giving hte appearance of separateness and duality but really all is one. More interesting to me is what helps me see duality in nonduality. I think major factors are our ability to be self-conscious, our very tiny sliver of the total bandwidth of perception, and the constant conditioning and indoctrination we suffer.

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