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    On Feb 5, 2021 Jagdish Dave wrote:

    Susan Kahn uses the metaphor of Emptiness Cafe to convey the idea of emptiness is fullness. The Spanish mystic John of the Cross calls 'unknowing" an ecstasy. Our mind is mostly dwelling on the same known thoughts. Thought is nothing but a thing. When my mind is still and freeI am hanging out in Emptiness Cafe. In this clear and empty space I feel the fullness of the present moment. It is like hearing the soundless sound.

    When I am in deep meditation and when my mind is free fromdistracting thoughts time disappears. I am in Emptiness Cafe where life unfolds with no boundaries of space and time.It is an experience of enlightenment and fulfillment, and abiding love andjoy. Like RabindranathTagore sings, "Ah, the light dances, my darling, at the center of my life, the light strikes, my darling, the chords of my love."

    Dualityiscausedin the mind when I relate to myself as not a integral part of the universe. Then thewalls created by the conditioned mind between me and the others create a mental split. It is a divided self. Listening to mystics, reflecting on their words of wisdom and integratingthem in my lifehas been very helpful to me to see non-dualityin duality. Daily practice of Meditation sustains andreinforces my stance. It helps me to see and experience the unity
    of life.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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    On Feb 17, 2021 Sumitee Puetz wrote:


    So beautifully reflected and expressed. Thanks Susan and Jagdish for your profound sharing.
    For me feeling full and totally empty at the same time, where I feel nothing more could add to it and nothing can be drawn away from this moment, that is the 'Shunya' and 'Purna' coexisting like a paradox, is an experience of Emptiness Cafe. The bliss known then is so profound that words can only attempt to describe, yet can never fully express it... The metaphor of being in the awareness of ocean and a drop at the same time could come close to describing it; where the limitless unfolds, in the vessel of this limited being!

    Sumitee A Puetz

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