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    On Jan 29, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    What is the purpose of life is a perennialquestion asked by philosophers, mystics, sages, spiritual seekers and persons like me. Gopal Dada uses the metaphor of the Hole-y or leaky bucket and its connection to the purpose of life. Theleaky bucketrepresentsour imperfection, impurity and ignorance of ourown true identity, our true nature which is whole and and holy.Our spiritual practice makes us realize our true nature, our ever- blossoming pureconsciousness. As Mencius, a Confuciansage says," By exhaustivelyexamining one's own mind, one may understand his nature. One who understands his nature understandsHeaven."

    To understand the inner world is the key to understanding the mind, myself, my true nature, and wisdom about life. I have to keep my inner eyes open to see the inner light. This is a life-long project. My daily practice of meditation develops qualities such as calmness, clarity and concentration, sensitivity, compassion and self-awareness.

    Studying and practicing the Karma Yoga, Yoga of selfless service, with no expectationof any personal reward in return has been very helpful to me in my spiritual journey. Awareness of my attachment to self-serving and self- binding desires and freeing myself from the grip of such desires expands my inner world. Such spiritual practices create "a blooming garden" in me.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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