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    On Jan 22, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    In the worldly world, we judge people who are outwardly and inwardly different from us and who may have a differentorientation to life. Sadly, such a way of thinkingand behaving has caused divisiveness in our country, in our communities, and also in our close relationships. The thread of common humanity that ties us, bondsus and helps us lift from the lower level of consciousness to the higher level of consciousness is created and sustained when we relate to each other as children of God. We do not run on the many spokes of the wagon but we come to the hub, live in the hub. This way we will be connectedwith all the spokes. This way we relate to ourselves and others in our life. We are human beingsprone to making mistakes. We forgive us and others for making mistakes and celebrate life at the hub. We need to discipline ourselves in order to stay at the hub.
    Life offers many opportunities to learn from our mistakes and walk on the right path. We have been watching destructive behaviors of some protesters and also some of our elected members, our representativesin the House and in the Senate. It is not easy for me to forgive them for their destructive and demeaning behaviors. I want to let go of my anger for my own peace of mind. I am working on it. It is not easy. When my mind is free from the grip of anger by forgiving me and them I will have a genuine celebration.Non-judgemental awareness of what is going in my mind and heart has been
    always helpful to me for recognizing my own limitations and going beyond them. It is an inward light that guides me make wise choices and keep me at hub of the wagon of my life.
    Awake! Rise! And walk on the hard but the wise path!
    Jagdish P Dave'

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    On Jan 25, 2021 Jazz wrote:

    Thank you! Your wisewords has greatly helped me. Thank you so much!

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    On Jan 26, 2021 Amy wrote:

    Me too!

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