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    On Jan 13, 2021 Ragunath Padmanbhan wrote:

    Well, The Broken Among Us has a static-truth to it. Yet, to think that they can contribute more than the yet-to-be broken is a reactive perspective. It is skillful to share this perspective with the broken among us for a limited time until they rebuild and come stronger out of their brokenness. To hold space for that rebuilding to happen is more important than continuing to amplify the advantages of the brokenness which goes in the same direction as glorifying poverty or any other inequality. The mere experience of suffering does not automatically make a person wise. Yes, it makes the quest for wisdom more urgent. But for that quest to make progress, wholesome people and spaces are inevitable.

    I am reminded of what Bo Lozoff said (as a guest speaker at Chromite) in response to someone asking him where he thought the world was heading. He said, "It is all going to get much worse. When that happens, it is places like this (Awakin) and the people in it who will become the refuge for all who are suffering."

    I think the broken among us who have managed to heal and have become whole again can contribute more than the ones who are not yet broken or remain broken.

    I think it is good to feature such readings because they can invite a higher truth than what they point to provided there is an understanding among the readers that these readings are not intended to promote a view but to encourage conceiving better views.

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    On Jan 14, 2021 Manoj Gautam wrote:

    Couldnt agree more...Poverty , misery , brokenness have been long touted as trophies to display.. They are merely , no importantly , the pathways to regain our humanity.. Thanks Bro.. you made my understanding complete..

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    On Jan 14, 2021 Guru Raj wrote:

    "To hold space for that rebuilding to happen is more important ...." . Very true. Good point RP.
    I suspect the author may not really be "glorifying" weakness ( or more accurately, habitual inappropriateness in a situation or responsibility). The struggle and persistence of the "broken" must be really what he must be appreciating. Yes, it is not explicit in this extract.

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