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    On Jan 8, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    We as human beings are imperfect and we all have gone through trying and hard times. Life is not always a bed of roses. It has also sharp thorns. It hurts. There have been times when my heart has been broken. My dreams were shattered. I have learned the value of wholeness from my brokenness. Heart breaks have taught me how to heal my wounds, recover myself, and lift myself up from the falls.Suffering is human. How do we face it and what do we learn from it is up to us.

    I have gone through many difficult situations and have learned lessons from them. There were times when I felt heavy weight of emotional pain. Where there was a little light and I did not know how to walk on the the dark lanes of my life. Being with people who have endured hard times in theirlives and their empathic understanding, supportand kindness helpedme emerge from the blinding darkness. Going through difficult times in my life made me understand my own suffering and suffering of others. The words of John Lewis are very inspiring: " My head is blooded but not bowed."

    Knowing that there is no certainty in life and accepting it and doing the best I can has been very helpful to me. Reading the stories of people who have gone through hard times in their lives and how they uplifted themselves also have been very helpful to me. Daily practice of Meditation has always helped meremain grounded and calm. Acceptingthe reality of life, having faith in the the higher power, and placing myself in the Divine hands has been my way of going through the ups and downs in life.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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    On Jan 12, 2021 Beverly wrote:

    Yes. Thank you 🙏🏾

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    On Jan 12, 2021 Angelie wrote:

    Thank you 🙏 Namaste 🌈

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