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    On Jan 1, 2021 susan schaller wrote:

    I and my life transformed when Death, total darkness, and the accompanying pain, physical and the grief for my soon to be motherless twins, turned me to choosing life. Suicidally depressed since 5, I fantasized about death, but only when the dark of actual death hovered all around me did I see the reality of the choice we have, hourly, to reach out to life or die. My world is no longer about black and white, but the dark revealing stars, and the light more beautiful when dancing with shadows.

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    On Jan 5, 2021 BJ wrote:

    It is a joy to know that you made the decision to live. We all encounter dark hours - yet we all strive to seek a new day. Your honesty is a reflection of the light inside of you. If it were not so, you would never have revealed the light of your dark situation. The joy of knowing that your twins are not "motherless" sends welcomed chills throughout my body. The world is a better place with you in it. Continue to fight to live. Life's challenges make us stronger and wiser. Thank you for sharing.

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    On Jan 5, 2021 Elainne Pfaff wrote:

    I can't thank you enough for sharing your heart here, Susan. As a spiritual director, I'm entrusted with the stories of sojourners who share their intimate experience of light in darkness. And I've witnessed directly how even a small spark can lead us through total darkness. You are helping me and many on this sacred journey. Long Life and Love to you!

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