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    On Nov 18, 2020 Pandu Ranga Reddy Kallem wrote:

    I am reminded of a similar anecdote from one of the greatest epics of HINDUISM Religion titled RAMAYANA eons ago. A poor old woman Spiritual Seeker named SHABARI/SABARI, who was living in a forest of SOUTH INDIA and who was eagerly awaiting the arrival of none other than LORD/GOD RAMA himself to have His Darshan(seeking Divine Blessing to attain her Salvation/Liberation) for months together, used to collect a few Indian Berries from the forest every day, taste them for their sweetness, discard the sour ones and collect the sweet ones so as to offer them to the God Rama. God intoxicated Shabari was so innocent and ignorant in that one ought to not offer tasted gifts to others. Finally Lord Rama came to the place where Shabari was living in the forest and was welcomed with offerings by not only Shabari but also a few other Monks living in the nearby Ashrams practicing Spirituality. Of all the offerings made, Lord Rama chose to partake the Indian Berries offered with great Love by Shabari knowing fully well that they were not fresh but tasted already by Shabari and went on to describe them as being very Sweet brushing aside the objections made by His brother Lakshmana amongst other people there. Hence, the principle established is that God willingly accepts any offering made with genuine Love for Him irrespective of its value and the status of the person making the offering.

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