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    On Nov 13, 2020 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Such simple and easy to understand stories teacha profound spiritual lesson. When we offer a gift from our heart without expectingany rewardit becomes an abundant offering.When a poor old woman heard thatthe Buddha was accepting offerings she had already eaten half of the pomegranate.The only thing she had to offer was the other half of thatpomegranate. It was a meager offering but it had the deepest abundance. It is indeed a gift from the heart and that way it was priceless.

    Serving others with no axe to grind. This is the heart of the Karma Yoga narrated in the Bhagavad Gita. This is my understanding of spiritualty. It lifts us from a lower self to a higher self. I practice Karma Yoga in my life by sharing what I have with others mostly in the form of teaching without expecting any reward in return. This way of living feels my heart with deep joy, contentment, and fulfillment.

    Reading such storiesfrom different wisdom traditions, contemplating on them, and sharing them withothers has been very helpful to me in my spiritual journey. Daily practice of mindfulness meditation and cultivating skills of compassionate living help me stay on my path. It's by giving we receive!
    JagdishP Dave'

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    On Nov 17, 2020 Venkhat wrote:

    I am one who has been recipient of such a bounty by the people who brought me up. No relative of mine. They gave all that they possessed much against the advice of all his relatives, a very small piece of land and all that they had and were in their late seventies.They were warned that they might land up on the streets. Mr Prakash Rao told them," I came into this world depending on the Almighty only" Unconditional love and giving. Whatever, however big I gave after that simply paled into insignificance. This brings tears unto me each time I are left on that ACT.

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