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    On Nov 6, 2020 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    I like the way Joanne Macy narrates the three frames, versions or narratives or stories. The first two narratives have been in the society for a long time. The third narrative is "the central adventure of our time." It is the transitionto a life sustaining society. We are going through this Great Turning, ecological or sustainability revolution. The challenge for us is to survive the first two narratives and keep bringing more people and resources into the third narrative. I strongly believe in deep ecology. It is our sacred duty to save and preserve our eco system. The first two narratives have served us at a big cost. Our environment is polluted, climate is drastically changingaffecting the lives of not only human beings but all beings.

    For many years I did not see the negative side of the first two narratives. I have been more aware of the damaging impact of the the first two narratives. Listening to eco-philosophers like Joanne Macy and many eco-scientists has made me more aware and clear about the third narrative. I have made changes in my diet for health reasons and also for supporting locaaly grown palnt-based

    I like the way Joanne Macy describes the three stories or narratives of realty shaping our world. The first two narratives, global corporate capitalism and industrial revolution, have been with us for a long time. These two narratives have been helpful to us in certain ways but they have caused a lot of damage not only to us but also to the eco system. There is a growing awakening and embracing of the emerging third narrative or revolution named ecological or life-sustaining revolution. This is The Great Turning. Our challenge is how to survive the first two narratives and to bring and keep more people and resources into the third narrative. I believe in deep ecology and in creating and supporting eco-friendlyenvironment.

    It has taken time for me to realize the value of implementing the third narrative in my life. I am in full alignment with the third narrative. I have started making significant changes in my diet. I eat non-GMO organic food. I buy locally produced food. I am a born vegetarian. It makes iteasy for me to have healthy plant-based diet.I believe in and practice the philosophy of living a simple life. I was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of living a simple life. Small is Beautiful. Contentmentand fulfillment come from living a wholesome simple living. It's not a slogan for me. It is my experience.

    I was raised in a family which practiced the philosophy of simple living. Reading articles on climate change and deep ecology and having vibrant discussions with respectful and open minded people have been very helpful to me. Having a supportive circle of family members and friends also help me to walk on the path. I see more young people involved in making environmental changes. This is very inspiring. Time has come to save the earth by making wise choices. I am hopeful and happy to see changes taking place in the right direction.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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