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    On Oct 29, 2020 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    The central message of the story of the Caterpillar TurningInto A Butterfly is the story of transformation and emergence of ourselves as we travel in our life'sjourney. We all change. Nothing remains the same. The challenge is how the change transforms our ways of thinking, feeling and doing. It's a deep qualitative change, like the caterpillarturning into a butterfly. We all grow but in which direction of our life. Are we repeating the same cycle or we are getting out of the routine and move in an upward bound direction?
    I see myself growingslowly from childhood, to young age, to adulthood and old age. It has not been a steady journey of transformation. It has its ups and downs, its twists and turns. A couple of times I fell down. I leaned from falling down and moved on in my upward journey of life. As I look behind I see myself emerging and transforming. My outlook has been widened. I see myself unbound and freed from my judgmental stances of people different from me in many ways. My inner eyes have become clear and I see people as they are. As the Buddha says "see the isness."
    Cultivating healthy habits of mind and nurturing the mind in a healthy way has been very helpful to me. I keep my mind and heart open without tarnishing them with my preconceived notions. Practicing mindfulness meditation and non-judgemental awareness help me constantly emerging from my past caterpillar self into the present butterfly self.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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    On Nov 3, 2020 Asma Khan wrote:

    Beautiful post! For me it has been important to remember that I will fall every now and then. And, that I can learn from falling.

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    On Nov 4, 2020 SHAH SONAL wrote:

    It's really a beautiful post. Reminds our life journey.

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