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    On Oct 16, 2020 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Becoming yourself is a challenge for all of us. Right from our childhood we are asked by others in our families, schools and societies who we should be. Our mind's are conditioned to think, feel and act according to the norms established by others. Reading this poem written by Mary Sarton reminds me of a poem written by John Milton. " The mind is its own place, and itself can make a Heaven of Hell, and a Hell of Heaven." It is up to me to make my own choice to become myself. In order to hear my own voice I need to quiet my own mind. In the quiet moments I know who I am. It's a journey of self-discovery. Once I hear my own voice, I sing my own song. OnceI know the rhythms of my life I
    dance my own dance.

    I feel the fullnessof life when I am my real self. Such realization grows in me like a plant rooted, watered and nurtured by love. Such inner growth takes place when I take time out and reflect deeply and feelmy "own weight and density". These are the times when the song of life is born and it comes out with sheer love and joy. The people in my life who love me as I amhear my song and sing along with me. It is a song of love, a song of togetherness and harmony.These are the gifts of becoming oneself.

    My self-awarenessis my guide, my companion, my guru. When am in an awakened state the light of self-awarenessshows me the wise path of my spiritual journey. When i deviate from my spiritual path I stop and ask questions to myself: Where was I when I was with myself? Was I with me fully present with the presence of awakened awareness? Right answers come for within when I take time out and be still. Regular practice of Mindfulness Meditation and practicing mindfulness in my everyday life have been very helpful to me in my search of who am I and how to live fully.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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    On Oct 21, 2020 Deirdre wrote:

    Thank you Jagdish, I love that prompt "Where was I when I was with myself?" I find myself mostmorningswhen I look into my own eyes in the mirror, and with love say "I love you, my soul, and I'm going to do my very best today to be kind and compassionate andtake care of you today" Saying this from the heart really helps me.

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