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    On Oct 14, 2020 Shyam Gupta wrote:

    We find what we seek. If we are concentrating on the negativity , we are sure to encounter that and if we are concentratingon positivity we are again sure to encounter that too. It is up to us , what we train our minds to do.
    When we are deeply focussed on shortcomings of a person or a thing , our mind conveniently misses the goodness in the person or the beauty of the object.
    I remember going on a trek. It was a beautiful place . However we started concentrating on how bad the roads were , how difficult the trek was, poor facilities and we were finding no joy in the trek . Someone pointed out that there was so much beauty around , which we were missing and the moment we started concentrating and appreciating the beauty around we almost forgot about the difficultiesof the trek.
    By being mindful of our thought process, we can train our mind into positive sid eof things and making it focus on them.
    We will find what we seek. We just need to be mindful what we are seeking.

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    On Oct 15, 2020 aj wrote:

    So true! Amen!

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