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    On Sep 28, 2020 Laura Cardella wrote:

    Needing preparation to receive the extraordinary in our lives is something to which I have given little thought. On reflection, it seems quite true. As humans we are born without the ability to care for ourselves. So all of our lives are spent "fixin' to get ready"- a saying my family jokes about. Fixin' is a word used in some areas of the southern USA, meaning I am getting ready to do something, to get started...So "fixin to get ready" just jokingly emphasizes how slowly we are beginning to take action. So from our birth onward, we cannot do all the things we need and want to do. It takes love, nurturing, guidance and care for years before the human child is capable of caring for themselves. But one day, serendipity will happen and the child will know that all the yearsof growing and learning have brought them to this time when they are ready and aware of the extraordinary to occur in their life.Once as a child I was on a road trip with my family- five children and Mom and Dad. Watching my parents enjoying each other and all of us, I was overcome by the present moment. I said to my Mom, "Right now, we are all together. I think this is my life, but you are looking at this as your life." I was overcome by the moment having such different perspectives, yet it was the same moment. Remembering that discovery reinforces, for me, that there is more to each moment than just what I can see and know; and it is together that we create these complete moments, as a group, together.

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