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    On Sep 25, 2020 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Looking at the clouds floating in the sky is very fascinating to me. I felt this fascination as a child. The sky was a paly house. The clouds of different shapes coming and going were the actors filling my heart with wonder, delight and inspiration.Watching the play of the clouds made me wonder where they are coming from and where they are going. I expressed my wonderment in a poem that I wrote in my mother tongue. " Kon,Vadalanipachalachhupatu?" Whois hiding behind the clouds?" Sadly, our contact with nature has been diminished as we are getting more amd more urbanized. Occasionally we may look at the wonders of nature. Taking time out to see the wonders of nature has been a deeply enriching experiencefor me. I appreciate what Fabiana Fonderila says:"Let'swaste time learning to love the world, everyday, a little bit more and better. Let's waste time on what is truly important."

    A few years ago, we were traveling in Colorado. We were on the top of a mountain.There were a few clouds moving in front of the setting sun.There was a beautiful display of colors of the clouds and slowly slowly the sun vanishing in the horizon. We were spell bound by the natural beauty changing moment to moment. We will never forget this experience.

    Natural curiosity to be connected with the beauty of nature does not get stale or old. That's a gift freely given to us if we extend our hands to receive it. Remaining aware and attending to this gracious gift of nature with gratitude is the way to retain this natural capacity. According to me there is nothing cynical about it.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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