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    On Sep 13, 2020 Shyam Gupta wrote:

    Even before we actually meet another person ,we form a mental perception of that person , which may be based on theirexternal appearanceand it is most of the time coloredwith our prejudicesand is also based on what movie is playing, in our head, at that time . Our perception about others also gets affected whether we see them from a space of fear or whether we see from a space of love.
    This happens throughout the day as we are caught up in our movie "about me " all the time. We are constanly thinking about our past and what we are going to do next.
    Meditation or chanting helps us in breaking that pattern and makes us calm . This calmnessbrings us back to the present moment and and with this awareness t we can meet another person without our prejudices and we would be able to see the other person, as to who he actually is, rather than our projection about him. In the calm and aware state we can see the real " him".

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