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    On Sep 11, 2020 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Clear version is created by clear vision. As I was growing up, I learned many valuable lessons of life from my father, by his words and by his actions. I remember one wise saying he used to say, " Yahtadristi, tatha sristi". As is my vision so is my world. If my vision is colored by my prejudices, judgments, assumptions, and expectations, I am going to create my mental, emotional and behavioral world by my vision. The same way the other person relates to me by his vision. Our versions of each other is created by our vision.Clear versionis created by theclarity of my vision. My mother used to say that when your eyes are affected by jaundice, you see everything yellowish. Buddha uses the word sati for clarity with no clouds of prejudice or selfishness floating in the mind.It is difficult to be free from prejudiceand judgments whichhave slipped into our unconscious mind. As a result as Krishna Das says. we"create the movie of me...we write it, direct it, produce it, and star in it."

    Creating clear vision is a life long project. Our life is created, shaped and sustainedby the illusory perceptions of who I am and who others are. When we mindfully relate to our own illusory world and work on it, our vision of ourselves and of others changes for better. We wake up from the sleep of illusion and see the light without any walls created by our ignorance. This illumined clear vision frees us from the bondage of ego. In this statewe see oneness in manyness. This is the journey I am going through. I see more light than darkness and I feel free fom my self-created bondage.

    Daily practice of mindfulness meditation and living mindfully has been very helpful to me. Self-knowing and self-acceptance has created wholeness in me. I do not feel the need to see myself better than others or worse than others.
    May we create clarity in us to relate to others like ourselves.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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