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    On Sep 11, 2020 David Doane wrote:

    My perspective is that all is one, and I am part of the one. From my side,when I see and touch the other, all I see and touch is me and my version of the other. All I a little bit know is me. What the other feels in my touching him or her, I don't know. I assume all this is the same for 'the other' who touches me. I started to become aware of my projections in my early 20s, during the same time that I began psychotherapy. I'm not sure which came first -- I am sure they affected and enhanced one another. This was also the beginning of the seeds of what became my spirituality. My awareness grew that I look out and see me, or at least see my thinking including my assumptions, expectations, prejudices, judgments. When I let go of comparing, what helps me let go of it is that it's not good for me. If I compare me to be better or worse than the other, above or below the other, I'm separating myself from the other, which is false, negative and harmful for me and for the other.

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