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    On Sep 4, 2020 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Things don't go the way I want or expect. How do I relate to such situations, how di I face such a challenge? I have two choices: accept the reality and do the best I can or turn my face away from it. If I turn my face away I feel myself defeated. If I choose to face it, I don't know what I may end up with. What will be the outcome? I am at a cross road. There have been times in my life when I have backed off and turned my face away from such situations.And there have been times when I have faced them with courage. Facing the reality courageously has helped me grow intellectually and emotionally. It feels like I am flying in the open sky seeing the wonders of the world with fresh and new eyes.
    I have encountered quite a few situations in my life when I had to make a clear choice. The situation that I would never forget was deciding to marrya woman named Vanleela from another caste, another religion and another class. Since her family was totally againsther marrying me, both of us had to make a courageous decision. We faced the reality and decided to marry. This was a very powerful experiencefor both of us. It strengthened and enriched our relationship.
    There are times when we need to go beyond the rational mind and listen to the intuitive mind. I trust the inner voice and follow it whole heartedly. It is important for me not to be bound by my question "What if?" and accept "Whatis", A lot of energy is consumed by "What if" mindset. That will make me feel stuck. "What is" mindset helps me to accept the reality as it is and make the right choice.
    Jagdish P Dave

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