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    On Aug 28, 2020 Salvatore Liotta wrote:

    Western rationalism, science, the STEM subjects, materialism, discursive thought, language alone, cannot find transcendency, the ineffable. Poetry is better suited to enabling humans to see the light of reality, to apprehend a "gestaltic" understanding. Cosmic consciousness beyond historical understanding. Westerners need to continue to face east in order to cobble together a psychology of East as well as West.

    Most importantly, humans need to experience an empathic epiphany.

    As WB Yeats said: the center does not hold. American needs a vision, a new social contract, a new constitution. It must leap from the despair of Trumpist Fascist Nihilist Psychopathy to Democratic Socialist Humanism.

    We need to all row our boat in the same direction, to substitute I-ME-MINE with WE-US-OURS.

    We need to transcend the blindness of living in history, in time, to living in Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel's sanctified time.

    God save us all.

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