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    On Aug 13, 2020 DELPUECH wrote:

    beautiful subject....
    what about people with weeks and months (years) living in a coma ...
    i believe than mind is limited of course we grow but what .. if we use only 10 15 20 30% of it as it is said... physic quantiqueis realizing there is a limite to our rationnal mind who incite me to say comes the moment where" words" are no more powerful enough closer we are with full consciousness who can not be discribed. neti. neti. neti
    how does it work when you encounter with a person you have never met and he reads you like an open book?
    i had too this experience where i was in a altered state of mind love beauty understanding everything was clear and understandable no limit at such a point i wanted a pen and a piece of paper to note when i got them it was all gone....
    i remember this story. somebody asked boudha. why. we do not remember our past lives
    he replied. if so. there will not be enough room.( place) for the present moment
    so. body and mind need space to relax. forget and clean.
    thank you. ALEX. with. LOVE
    jm. jivan

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