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    On Aug 7, 2020 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Mind has its own mind. I let the mind run its own course. I do not follow it and do not fight it. When I do not identify myself with the the thoughts or feelings goingthrough the mind, I see them as clouds passing through the clear sky. I realize that I have a mind but I am not the mind. I have thoughts and feelings but I am not thoughts and feelings. I am witness consciousness-clear open sky- not bound by the clouds coming and going. When I resist and fight my thoughts or feelings, they get stronger.

    When I remain aware of what is happening in my body-mind
    complex, bodily sensations and thoughts and feelings, and do not identify myself with them, I am in the Zone of Being. Thoughts appear and disappear in the clear sky of awareness. This happens everyday when I sit quietly doing Mindfulness Meditation. Practicing Mindfulness Meditation regularly has a carry over effect in my daily living. It helps me to be free from the grip of ongoing thoughts in my mind. Remainingmindful in different contexts of my daily life makes me realize the I am consciousness and not my coming and going thoughts.

    As stated before, practicing Mindfulness Meditation regularly and practicing Mindfulness in everyday life helps me cultivate indifference toward the mind. As the author AnnamalaiSwamistates, " Cultivating this attitude of indifference toward the mind, you will detach yourself from your"little self" to your real Self."
    Jagdish P Dave'

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    On Aug 11, 2020 a wrote:

    Amen Jagdish! Amen!

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