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    On Jul 28, 2020 Kitty wrote:

    Nice reflections, i'm just reading a book , called Miracles of development subtitle plant-human-project , the author J D van Mansvelt ( Dutch and this book is just released in Dutch) is analyzing the development plants, and gives examples that when a knot os formed, the plant is changed because the leaves are spouting out, or eventually a flower or blossom, next stage a fruit; He calls it metamorphose ( like a caterpillar is becoming a butterfly) The relation with humans is evaluation by changes like, sickness, accidents, divorce etc , than your mind nad body is shifting to a new phase , he explains that the death could have the same effect. My English is not brilliant and i will ask him if we could translate a summary of this book in other languages.
    For my own experiences my life changes a lot after a severe car accident, the suicide of my first husband, the death of my sister ( at 46); and the moment that my husband and me stepped out of the " ratrace" and decided to live in France ( an old farmhouse) to grow our own vegetables etc, not understood my friends and family, But i'm happy when i discover a new insect, plant or bird, for me that fullfills my live.

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    On Jul 28, 2020 Pankaj Shah wrote:

    The book seems quite intriguing. I hope that we can have it translated or summarized in English. Thank you!

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