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    On Jul 25, 2020 David Doane wrote:

    As I see, birth and death, beginning and ending are always. I don't think getting it all together is death -- I believe getting it all together, which I've never achieved, would be glorious life, not death. I think I never fully embrace being continually thrown out of the nest. I embrace it in the sense that I know and accept that everything is constantly changing, that I live in the unknown and control very little if anything. However, while everything is constantly changing, most of the changing is such that I feel consistency and stability as I live my routine in my nest. Occasionally a major change throws me out of the nest such that I very much feel it. I don't like or embrace major unwanted changes, especially as they're happening. Once upon a time I left a career path. I threw myself out of a particular nest into the unknown. Initially I felt terrified and second guessing of myself which quickly gave way to feeling free, open, and excited in my moving on. It was an experience of a nest or cocoon ended and I became a butterfly. What helps me live fully is knowing that each moment is new and fresh, being present, paying attention to what I am experiencing in and around me, relating honestly,being open, and going with the flow.

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