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    On Jul 24, 2020 Usha Shetty wrote:

    True, none of us can choose a family where we are born. It is beyond our control. Each of us get to face right and wrong, good and bad. It is practically impossible to have each and everything perfect in our life. But with every wrong it gives us an opportunity to learn and with every right it gives hope to better ourselves.

    Being a girl born in a conservative family, with lots of society norms, I had no right to even decide my own dress, forget about the life partner. Born in a South Indian family, the only freedom I enjoyed was a freedom to education. I never felt its importance when I was little.But this freedom of education opened my path to my beautiful life. Life of hope and independent decisions.

    Ultimately, our life leads us to the decision we make. Our decisions always reflects in our life. I am fortunate and blessed with life where I get to live the life, which I never thought was possible when I was in my teens.

    I totally believe that different world is possible because even after being born and brought up in conservative family, I wear western outfits which I am comfortable with, worked as a counselor in the international level, opted for love marriage and live life with my terms. What more I would expect from life. I am so gratefulto GOD to be blessed and hope in return I could be of some use to people and bring smile in their lives.

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