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    On Jul 24, 2020 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    If we want to live life fully, we need to let go and free ourselves from the grip of the past and the grip of the future. We need to release the grip of holding on to the past as well as future and live fully in the present moment. In order to fill the cup of my life fully I need to empty my cup. We need to be thrown out of the old nest.Otherwise I live a life unfulfilled. It is by letting go I receive the gifts of living fully. These kindsof paradoxical sayings come from most of the wisdom traditions.Pema Chodronrepresents the Buddhist perspective of living Mindfully.
    I have been learning how to embrace life fully by throwing out of the old nest. Every morning I wake up I practice mindfulness that helps me to live fully in the present moment. I try to maintainmindfulness in taking care of my everyday tasks. I live fully in the present moment. There are times when the old habitual or conditioned patterns of behaviortake over me. I fly back to the old nest. I wake up and realize that I had imprisoned myself by not being mindful of my mind. It takes time and practice to walk on the path of mindfulness. I patiently and compassionately embrace that path.
    Daily formal practice of Mindfulness Meditation and daily informal practice of Mindfulness in everyday tasks of my living help me to live fully in the present moment. This is an awakened perspective of living fully and harmoniously. And I love it!
    Jagdish P Dave'

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