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    On Jul 17, 2020 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    How to disciplineourselves in Tao is a question that every Mindfulness meditator asks the master and himself. The answerthe Zen master Hui-hai gives to Yuan, the questioner, is simple and profound: Be Here Now: not to conjure up all kinds of imaginations and and varieties of idle thoughts; to empty the mind clouded with idle thoughts. In my Mindfulness Meditation practice, I let whatever arises in my body, mind and heart come and go. Letting in and letting go is my way of emptying the useless and harmful stuff. It helps me to stay in the present moment. This daily Mindfulness practice helps me in my daily tasks and transactions. Emptiness is Fullness.

    Last night I had a very helpful and fruitful talk with my 23 yearsold grandson. He wanted to learn how to be his true self-genuine and authentic self with his friends when they have a different take on Black Life Matters. We had a dialogue between two of us. This was a good opportunity for practicing Mindfulness. He observed me how I had kept my mind and heart open and non-judgmental while listening to him and responding to him without judging him. Both of us felt deeply connected with each other and understood each other's position on this hot and burning issue. It was a cool and enriching experience
    for both of us.

    Practicing non-judgmental existential awareness of what is happening in me in my daily life helps me to deepen my presence with me and with others. Non-judgmental self-awareness and open-mindedness enrich and deepen my understanding of myself and other people in my life. Beginner's mind is an open, empty, receptive, and a wise mind.
    May we all learn and practice what Hui-hai taught Yuan.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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