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    On Jul 14, 2020 Ambika wrote:

    I BELIEVE am here by choice and not by chance. From then on every choice i make is to fulfill my purpose for being on Earth plane. Choices give me ample scope to form my own beliefs, my own moral code. My parenting, environmental influences, education and society have every limited access into my 'Inside'. Who I want to be-inspite of,because of the above said, I decide. I sculpt and chip away all that is not me. Hopefully in this life time I reveal to me my glorious Divine self..
    Let me share an incident that I participated in: It was a rainy day, very late iin to the night. Was standing at a bus stop waiting for some mode of transport. It is an auto stand too. Most of the drivers belonged to a particular minority religious community.They are looked at withsuspicion by thelarge majority.
    I went up to one of the auto's and asked if he would take me to my destination. It was evident that I did not belong to his religion by the looks of me. He asked me if I was not afraid to be ferriedby him in such an inclement weather. I replied in the negative. He definitely looked impoverished as most of them did.
    It was pouring cats and dogs and we chatted. I questioned himon hisinquiry of his previous statement. He replied that it was how his community was looked at due to stray incidents reported by the media. We reached my destination. He charged me Rs 100. I handed the fare, thanked him and entered my home.
    Little did I realize that in the dark I had handed him Rs 500. After a lapse of nearly ten days I happened tobe at the same stop. This young chap, whom i had for gotten by then,walked up to me and introduced himself. Told me that on our previous ride I had paid him lots more by mistake . He handed the extra cash back to me.
    Here was light amidst confusion, fear, suspicion, doubt and a myriad other base heavy emotions. I had made a choice to ride with him. He made his choice to return what did not right fully belong to him. There is only goodness every where. It is eachof our lenses that requires constant cleaning. Choice of viewing the worldwith myopicvision or otherwise is a choice I have as much as we all do!

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    On Jul 15, 2020 amen wrote:


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