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    On Jul 14, 2020 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

    As a survivor of multiple traumas, and someone now studying Narrative Therapy, understanding the choice we have in which stories we choose to focus on and amplify and our choice in how we respond was/is a huge part of my healing journey and in facilitating recovery from trauma workshops for others.

    In witnessing and listening to other people's stories and perspectives we are given a beautiful opportunity to check in on our own perceptions and our own narrative.

    We each have a choice to view ourselves, others and the world from different perspectives. Acknowledging "it is all stories" is an important part of the process. I've been doing this reframe work full on since 2016 and prior as well in the building bridges between cultures since 2005...

    Currently during the pandemic of COVID and of racism, there have been so many opportunities to consciously amplify narratives of potential for change rather than despair or destruction. So, one of mine is focusing on the incredible uplifting of voices which have needed to be witnessed and heard and the fact that change is happening right now.

    I've also noticed the deeper honoring of people who work in "essential" jobs, not only healthcare workers, but also cashiers, truck drivers, farmers, sanitation worker, postal delivery.... I was always taught that we each play an essential and valuable role, to see others seems to also understand this, gives me more hope!

    Also amplifying the kindnesses and generosity of people seeking to be of service to each other.

    And this gives me HOPE....

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