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    On Jul 11, 2020 David Doane wrote:

    I believe we don't get to choose the moments we are born into -- no one knows for sure. I believe we are able to choose how we respond based on the persons we are which is greatly shaped by experiences we've had and information and awareness we've gained. I think I frequently amplify stories based on the world I want to inhabit, to support my world and the world I want others to see. I believe we each live in different worlds because we each see through different eyes and through the unique conditioning we've had. No two people live in exactly the same world, though we like to pretend we do. The more different the family and cultural conditioning, the more different the worlds. I also think every species sees and lives in a different world. I believe there are as many worlds as there are people, and as many worlds as there are species. I've lived in my own other worlds as my awareness changed over time. The many worlds that have been and are help me believe that another world is possible. We can learn and grow. We had a major role in making this world, and we can see and make another world.

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