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    On Jul 1, 2020 Ambika wrote:

    Choices a plenty. Constantly we are bombarded with making choices. Sometimes its difficult, most often it is confusing andrarely easy. Choice between 'this or that'. We are not familiar because we have not been woken up to the truth that it does not have to be between this or that but a third option. Beyond this or that there is 'My Way' as an option. Why not my way? This can remain as a question. The answer lies within the person. The truth is that a question always arises from an answer. No answer, no question. Most often answers appear through the process of Osmosis. We need to allow the question to rest and grow in the warmth of the answer. Then the answer appears when you are ready to receive it. The question disappears. The answer was always within you. At the necessitated time it makes it's appearance.
    Life is not a question. life is an answer to it's desire, excitement and need to celebrate the created.
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