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    On Jun 20, 2020 Elaine Gotfryd Noonan wrote:

    To live in the present moment, while being aware of the past or projection of the future, requires an openness to the revelations and discoveries along the way. Pursuing ideas or interests without limiting the types of experiences or visions of what my seeking will look like is important for me; in this "open hearted and open minded place", I recognize a new idea or opportunity as it is revealed in the present moment. If I have a preconceived idea or paradigm, I may totally miss what opportunityis being brought into my life....something greater than I could not have imagined. Recognizing any filters (past life experiences) in my perception of any given situation, that may be projected in the future, is an aspect of of what I am taking into consideration in any given moment.

    When I needed a job to raise my family, I had no experience in a library or as a librarian. I remained open to this new possibility and I had since gone on to pursue a Masters Degree in Library Science and completed 21 years as a District wide School Librarian.

    What helps me stay open to possibility is the joy and love of life, and the infinite possibilities that exist. I am excited to be a part of a vast world or opportunity anddo not want to limit myself to old thinking or habits that will prevent my growth and development. I want to contribute more to our world through the growth of personal consciousness and that reflection in the world as I see and experience it.

    Thank you
    Elaine Gotfryd Noonan

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