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    On May 15, 2020 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    I deeply resonate with the basic message of this thought provoking passage authored by Robin Wall Kimmerer: " To find something, don't look for it." In Indian philosophy, there is a concept of the Third Eye. That eye reveals the glory and awe of the vastness of the universe. We get a glimpse of it when let go of the limited capacity of our worldly eyes . Worldly eyes sadly create boundaries that separate us from the oneness of life. When we let our inner spiritual eyes open, the truth is revealed. Our inner world expands and welcomesthe guests coming from nowhere. Unconditional love, open-heartedness and open-mindedness open the doors for the unnamed guests to come.
    I have had glimpses of such experiences more in my childhood than in my adulthood. I am very fond of spending time with nature. When I was a child I used to sit under a tree that I had planted in my back yard. Sitting under the tree doing nothing and expecting nothing to show up, I used to get glimpses of the beauty unfolding enriching my inner life. When I walk mindfully in nature or do sitting Mindfulness Meditation I get such glimpses that create feelings of wonder and awe.
    Reading about such mystical experiencesis one thing. For experiencing the mystery of life I need to keep my mind and heart unoccupied and open to receive blessings coming from the unknown space. This openness helps me to the possibilityof receiving such gifts. There is a wise saying in Sanskrit."Tad dure tad antike". What you think is far, is right close you." Do not look for it outside. It is dwelling inside of you.
    JagdishP Dave'

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    On May 19, 2020 sheila wrote:

    What you've shared is so very true for me too. We tend to be more open in mind and heart as children, this gets clouded by external programs. It is such a gift to be able to find it again as an adult with spiritual practices. I'm finding that there is no end to this journey of wonder and awe. Thank you for sharing.

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