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    On May 4, 2020 Salma wrote:

    I have experience this a number of time, when I listen to someone deeply from compassion...I get to see their world from their eyes.
    I had this huge anger towards my dad, my experience was that he is not a responsible person and he is a lair. Until age 25, I felt all men are the same and I wanted nothing to do with them emotionally. I had boyfriends, but never felt any emotional attachment with them. I knew I had to marry one day and I decide that is going to be a business deal.
    But, one day I meet my now husband and I felt the huge difference in this person. The way he conducted himself, his integrity, compassion and commitment was something I had never experienced before. Initially I felt he is just putting it on, his true colors will show later. 8yrs passed and he remain true to his word and finally I decided to marry him out of love.
    This was the time I went back to my father to hear him out and listen to his story, why was he so irresponsible towards his family, his work, his finances and his children future. Listening to him changed my view about him and understand his limitations and struggles, his fears and failures.
    I am glad I had that conversation with him. I was able to relate, understand and forgive and also ask for forgiveness.
    That conversation changed my life forever!

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