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    On Feb 12, 2008 supun wrote:

    While I was traveling in Sri Lanka with Be The Cause, there was some bomb blasts going off. The official cease-fire was ending. There never really was a end to the killing so all the end of the cease-fire meant was that killing would be more frequent again. While we were traveling we wanted to do something for peace. We visited Sarvodaya in Morotuwa and learned "Peace Meditation". Later I had a chance to talk to kids at a rural school about what Peace means to them. I learned alot from that. Sukh started to speak through me when I asked them that everytime they hear of a bomb blast that they should motivate themselves to work for peace to do something small or big personally or by creating a team. But 2 more more bomb blasts happened and I was not able to keep my promise and do something at that moment (I'm still trying to conceive something, I think). One great big tool for me was reading Gandhi-ji's "Criticsm of Modern Civilisation". In it he says that Satyagrahists should be able to look into the barrel of a cannon with a smile, even if it meant being turned to cannon fodder while smiling. I think that's the same way South Asians need to approach ridding the area of "terrorism". Sometimes I agree that the terrorism we see in the sons and daughters of satayagrahists is the by product of foreign partition and gun sales. I don't think it will be armies that end terrorism. it will be humans engaging humans with compassion and fearlessness. As an american who does not march to my officials asking not to spend my tax money on bombs, it's hard for me conceptualize how to start a program. I guess I need to mediate more...

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