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    On Apr 25, 2020 Fran Urban wrote:

    The farmer knew his mind was one with it's Creator/ God. A mind aware of this is unshaken by any person, place, event, circumstance. A mind who knows this Truth(Oneness) has no thoughts of judgment.
    I try to be aware of my every thought.I remember that in fact, I have a mind and I'm not a robot; slave to reaction. I have the power to choose what voice i want to follow: the separated little self, or the mind one with God.
    Every moment is an opportunity to choose,but if I have to site one: I was swamped at work with one interruption after another, and I felt I was approaching eruption. I went into the bathroom with my feelings and realized the only power i have is the power to choose how I was going to experience the situation. I chose peace , asked for help and it salvaged my day.
    How do I save myself from indifference and sentimentality? I know we're in this together. We are all trying to find our way. Love and Compassion for everyone...leaving no brother out.

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