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    On Apr 14, 2020 G Kaplan MD wrote:

    AVALANCHE Gabriela Kaplan, MD © 2006 Dedicated to the world’s future Snow flurries lift like feathers in a storm, Twirling and dancing in a hurried way. The air is cold and nipping at my brow, yet…my child’s heart finds a glowing joy in this wild dance of shimmering snow. While I look at them – I wonder… …how all are so different – and yet, so alike? How - I ask – can these delicate specks join together – and cause an avalanche? And then I muse: If we all joined like wisps of snow with an avalanche of will, we can take the world by storm and forever change its ancient ways. If we were able to shut the world down for COVID as a world family, surely, we will do this to save our planet, of the United Nation's IPCC warnings that civilization will collapse in 10 years unless we take steps to stop global warming will take place, and it will then be too late for everyone.

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