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    On Apr 2, 2020 Gasongi wrote:

    Reminds me of my grandmother's teaching about how our body is only our another layer of our wigwam that provides shelter for our soul, our spirit. What we feed our body provides the outcome. What we bring into our wigwam and who we bring into our wigwam, (our tent) is a reflection of what shines and burns in the inside us and our wigwam. Canada is a bastardized word for Kinada pronounced Kin-nah-dah, meaning there is room for everyone! That was how this country was formed on welcoming all, no one was or is to be shut out. We must continue this practice of kindness and generoisity, it is what has been keepng us alive thoroughout all the atrocities and barriers put at our feet. The teaching is to be kind, welcoming in good spirit to all spirits that enter your wigwam, your tent, your spirit, your with goodness can only grow and spread generousity,
    Gasongi...from Nokomis Jane Manitowabi

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    On Apr 3, 2020 Midtown Modern wrote:

    This is a wonderful website. I will share with the residents of

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